There are several excellent spots to eat and drink in Niolon. Here are two of them:

La Pergola
The Pergola (pictured) is right on the port. Here you can enjoy a delicious dinner or just have a drink under the welcome shade of the terrace, soaking in another of the stunning views in Niolon.

L'Auberge du Mérou
The Mérou is also beautifully located (it's right next to our two flats), and offers a superb panoramic view of the bay of Marseille, a casually elegant atmosphere and great food and service. Bouillabaisse, the famous local speciality meal of fish, must be booked in advance, to ensure really fresh fish. Tel: 04 91 46 98 69 / Fax: 04 91 46 90 06.


If you are feeling energetic, you can practise a very wide range of sports in the area around Niolon: canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and rock-climbing, to name but a few. Niolon itself is a great base for two activities in particular.

Scuba Diving
Niolon is home to the UCPA, one of the most famous diving schools in the world, founded by the father of diving, Jacques Cousteau. Various courses are available for all levels of experience. Visit www.ucpa.co.uk for details.

The village of Niolon is located in the midst of France's largest coastal nature reserve, covering over 8,000 acres and 6 miles of coastline. So there is a lot to see on land too. Just take a walk through the hills and cliffs around Niolon, or opt for one of the more ambitious hikes. You can walk for a whole day without ever seeing sign of civilisation if you wish.

For more information about where to go and what to do in the area, see Marvellous Provence - The Insider's Guide to the Most Beautiful Corner of France